The fallaires create an international committee to safeguard the festival

La Pobla de Segur celebrates the X International Meeting of Fallaires with a popular meal, exhibitions, audiovisuals and workshops for making fallas

Within the framework of the X International Meeting of Fallaires, organized by the Association of Fallaires and Pubilles de la Pobla with the collaboration of the Chair of Education and Intangible Heritage of the Pyrenees of the University of Lleida, it was agreed to set up an international committee to preserve the Fire Festivities of the Pyrenees (Fallas, Haros, Halhes and Brandons) declared Intangible Heritage of UNESCO.

Those attending the meeting, which took place on September 14 in the Pobla de Segur, agreed that this new Coordinator of the Fire Festivities would be made up of 21 members from the four Fallair regions (Catalonia, Aragon, Andorra and Occitania), with a representation of seven members per country.

The director of the Chair, Sofía Isus, pointed out that “the creation of this Coordinator is very important to be able to regulate and organize the different Fallas, Haros, Halhes and Brandons parties that take place in various parts of the Fallaire territory”.

According to Sofía Isus, the fallas are “a tourist resource with a strong exponential, but a regulation is needed so as not to lose the value of the origin of the party.” The Festival of Fire in the Pyrenees recognized by UNESCO corresponded to 63 towns at the time of the proclamation. Now there are already 94 towns that are introducing or recovering this festival.

During the meeting, the fifty representatives of the 20 Fallair communities that attended agreed that the next international meeting would be held in Occitania.

The organizers of the meeting also offered events for all audiences. A popular meal, the exhibition of the different types of fallas, the projection of different audiovisuals related to the fire festivals and a parade that allowed all attendees to enjoy the party.

Both the president of the Association of Fallaires of La Pobla de Segur, David Garin, and the mayor of the same town, Marc Baró, were very satisfied with the reception of the meeting and stressed the importance of this for the preservation of the party.

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