The 1st scientific conference of the Chair of Education and Intangible Heritage of the Pyrenees is organized

Everything ready to celebrate the event, on September 13, at the University of Lleida

On September 13, at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work of the University of Lleida, the first scientific conference of the Chair of Education and Intangible Heritage of the Pyrenees will take place. The organization of this seminar raises different questions regarding the festivals of fire, since as a result of the recognition by UNESCO, the festivals of fire have been recovered or introduced in many municipalities of the Pyrenees, the festivities of Fallas, Haros, Halhas and Brandons.

During the day it is expected to debate and study how to regulate this growth in order to safeguard the party. And make it last to maintain the traditions of each municipality. The conclusions drawn will be presented at the X International Meeting of Fallaires that will take place on Saturday, September 14, 2019 in La Pobla de Segur.

The day is included in the framework of the project Design and implementation of a Safeguard Model for the Summer Solstice Fire Festivities in the Pyrenees financed by the Ministry of Culture. The Department of Culture and the University of Lleida also contribute to its implementation, in the same way that IDAPA and IEI do. In addition, attendees will be offered a talk by Joan Reguant, president of ICOMOS Andorra, consultant and expert in UNESCO heritage.

And for the invited attendees, in addition to attending the presentation of the research results: Bases for a safeguard model for the Fallas party; by Sofía Isus and Marc Ballesté (UdL). They can also visit the Sorigué Foundation Plant and the Avellanes Monastery, where the day will conclude with a dinner.