In December 2015 UNESCO joined the Summer Solstice Festivities in the Pyrenees to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  This promoted the creation of the present chair and made this festival one of the main lines of action of the same.

In this sense, the Chair wants to work to safeguard the tradition of the Falles, Haros and Brandons, fostering historical and ethnographic research. Also, it’s developing educational projects and activities in the field of cultural dissemination or promotion.

One of the tasks that is currently being developed is a Safeguarding Model for Falles, Haros and Brandons. This will soon be evaluated and subjected to a pilot test.

Likewise, pedagogical materials of a manageable nature are being designed and will be offered to schools and primary school teachers. Through this they can work on one of the samples of intangible cultural heritage of the Pyrenees. In this way they will be able to grant them the value that is deserved.

PROMETHEUS is a project that arises as a result of this recognition of the Summer Solstice Festival in the Pyrenees by UNESCO. The project aims to capitalize this through cross-border innovation carried out in universities and research centers. The project will develop a joint strategy in the field of social sciences that promotes the common heritage of the three states that are part of it (Andorra, Spain and France) and facilitates the work of companies and cultural associations in the territory.

©Karolina Grabowska (Pexels)

Didactic materials about Falles, Haros & Brandons

Visit our virtual educational platform “Debate to Bat” and you will find a good handful of materials we have prepared!