Participation in the “International Education and Heritage Conference” (CIEP)

The Spanish Heritage Education Observatory organizes the fifth “Congreso Internacional Educationn y Patrimonio” in Madrid.

The “Càtedra Educació i Patrimoni Immaterial dels Pirineus”, from UdL, has participated in the “Congreso Internacional Educationn y Patrimonio”, from 19th to 21st October. The conference took place in the cultural space “El Águila” in Madrid, and consisted of workshops, exhibitions, seminars and video clips that brought heritage education closer to participants in the various events. The CIEP was organized by the Observatory of Heritage Education, together with the Community of Madrid and other universities throughout Spain.

In relation to the presentations that were carried out, from the “Càtedra Educació i Patrimoni Immaterial dels Pirineus”,  a video clip was projected explaining the construction and validation of a pedagogical resource directly related to heritage education, the “Maleta Fallaire”. In addition, together with the University of Andorra, the team of the “Càtedra Educació i Patrimoni Immaterial dels Pirineus”, from Lleida’s University, presented a poster collecting the first results derived from the Education and Heritage project that has been carried out throughout the Andorran territory and which studies the state of heritage education in a country that has three different educational systems (Andorran, Spanish and French).