International Symposium on Solstice Fire Festivals of the Pyrenees

On the 27th, 28th and 29th of October the International Symposium on Solstice Fire Festivals of the Pyrenees will be held in Bagà and Sant Julià de Cerdanyola, both of them regions where the fire festivals of the Pyrenees are celebrated.

Being one of the actions of the PROMETHEUS project, the Symposium aims to promote and disseminate knowledge, research, and studies in reference to the festivities of the fire.

A Committee of skilled people has been careful about the lack of organization, the realization, and the content of the Symposium. This comes from various Catalan, Spanish, French and Aragonese institutions, which demonstrate cultural and social diversity towards the Falles world.

The Symposium programme will provide space for four different areas of discussion. The first area will focus on “Falles, Haros, Halhes and Brandons”, and on the history and topicality of the party. Next, the second area will open up the theme of the organization and management of fire parties. The third area will focus on education, transmission, and dissemination in the Safeguard of Immaterial Cultural Heritage; and, lastly, the fourth area aims to focus on the party’s COVID, sustainability, and future. You can consult the program here.

The period for sending communications is already open, until October 10th and, registrations will be accepted until October 24th. You can find more information about the International Symposium of the Fire of Solstices in the Pyrenees in this link.