Design and development of the Animalades Project on local fauna

The Chair on Intangible Heritage and Education of the Pyrenees of the UdL launches a pedagogical project related to the fauna and the territory of the Pyrenees

@Frank Cone (Pexels)

The Animalades project started from the interest of several schools in the PirosLife educational suitcase as a way to bring the territory closer to the schools. The educational proposal is focused on the territory of the Pyrenees and develops, generally, the contents of the natural and social environment subjects of primary education.

The brown bear of the Pyrenees, as a core species, accompanies children to understand their relationship with the environment, in order to develop a critical spirit and sensitivity in relation to nature while their learning contributes to educating their parents. So far, the implementation of this pedagogical suitcase in the regions where the bear is present has been carried out in a total of 44 schools with almost 2,000 students and more than 120 teachers involved.

The pedagogical materials that will be part of the suitcase will develop contents of the natural environment subjects in primary education studies and the contents of the scientific field of the first cycle of secondary education. The activities of the educational proposal are aimed at raising awareness, knowledge of ecological principles, learning for the management and conservation of natural and cultural heritage and the understanding of socio-environmental problems. Taking into account these characteristics, the material that is proposed is multidisciplinary, with an impact on the physical, biological and social environment, which will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and procedures and in the reconsideration of the values ​​regarding the natural spaces that will be studied.