1st Forum Càtedra Pirineus UdL: “Camins dels Pirineus”

This first Forum “Camins dels Pirineus” was held within the framework of the III Cycle of Science Talks of the Natural Park of the Alt Pirineu and focused on informative seminars regarding heritage in the Pyrenees.

On November 16, 2023, from the “Càtedra Educació i Patrimoni Immaterial” from the University of Lleida, with the support of the Natural Park of the “Alt Pirineu”, the “Museu de Camins” and the “Soriguera” City Council, the celebration of the 1st Forum Càtedra Pirineus UdL, entitled “Camins dels Pirineus” was fostered.

The 1st Forum was held in Vilamur, in the Town Hall’s Plenary Hall, and we received students who have specialized and carried out different research projects based on the paths of the Pyrenees, as well as the testimony of one of the founders from the “Museu de Camins “. The presentations that have revolved around the heritage of the Pyrenees and, in particular, the Pyrenean pathways, followed the following order:

“Camins and historical uses of the old Viscount of Vilamur” by Gemma Miquel (UAB).

“Let’s walk through heritage” by Tomás Calvo (UdL).

“The transhumant path from Ripollès to Empordà” by Albert Mas (UdL).

In addition, we also had a talk by Gemma Cots, from the “Museu de Camins”, entitled: “Lands of Paths, an investigation into the uses of pathways based on the testimonies from the godparents of the Siarb Valley”